All We know about BMW i4: Release Date, Price and Specifications

The German Car Manufacturer BMW (Bavarian Motor Work) has recently revealed its concept version of Electric Sedan i4 in 2020 Geneva Motor show. The new i4 sedan will be tough competition to Tesla Model3 and Audie E-Tron GT. BMW claimed that the vehicle could pull 435 KM in single full battery charge.

BMW has also claimed that i4’s single motor will generate 390kW of power, which indeed good power for any electric vehicle. BMW claims that the i4 can speed up from 0 to 100 Km/Hr in just 4 seconds, which is hard to believe for any electric car, well let’s see.

More than anything i4 is forward looking car, which offers better vision of electric cars and what it will look like in daily life. The BMW i4 looks more futuristic and aggressive from front. The front grill that stretches up to bottom makes car front profile distinctive. The side profile makes sure it looks more BMW and resembles with other BMW cars, however the sharp tucks makes car look bit distinctive and up class.

The inside is quite different, Influenced by the sport car cockpit, i4 is more specious and up market. The most prominent all glass roof offers above and beyond for every person sitting in the car. There are actual full size comfortable seats for rear passengers. The display screen stretches all the way to the front seat passenger. The screen looks clean with no buttons; the steering wheel has few buttons on it. The minimalism is the word that suits to the interior.

The BMW has not announced any pricing but it is estimated around $50,000.

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