5 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

The popular streaming platform Netflix have some great content to offer you on romantic movies. The platforms have a number of films, series, documentaries, and much more content in multiple languages. If you are a lover of romantic movies and looking for a best tear-jerking drama or a rom-com for the upcoming weekend, There are plenty of options on Romantic Movies on Netflix. Here are some of the best romantic movies on that’ll make you feel love is not dead. 5 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

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1. Sleeping with Other People

The Leslye Headland directed romance comedy movie should be one of your top picks on Netflix. This is one of the best romantic movie currently available on Netflix. Don’t go with its IMDb score of 6.5 as the plot of the film is certainly better than that. The lead actors, Jason Sudeikis and Allison Brie, as a pair, have portrayed their role brilliantly. The 2015 romantic comedy is both critical as well as a commercial success.

2. Her

The romantic movie is both written and directed by Spike Jonze. The 2013-movie is also one of the best movies of Joaquin Phoenix available on Netflix, where he is portraying the character of a depressed man who falls in love with Artificial Intelligence. The unusual love story is universally appreciated for its breathtaking screenplay.

3. About Time

The 2013-movie is one of the best cinematic masterpieces that you must consider watching on Netflix. The Richard Curtis directed movie is not only a romantic movie but is also one of the all-time best travel-time movies. In this movie, Domhnall Gleeson, the lead actor, travels through time in order to get his lady love, Bill Nighy.

4. Set it up

Here is another romantic comedy movie on the list. The 2018 film is a no-nonsense rom-com that can offer you something new and fresh. In the movie, both the lead actors, Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, are working as assistants and are planning to set up their bosses in order to get some free time.

5. Just Friends

If you love Deadpool for Ryan Reynolds, this movie is made for you. In this movie, Ryan has shown the world why he should be considered as an incredibly talented comic actor. You will love the chemistry between Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is portraying a character of a former chubby boy who is trying to impress his childhood crush.

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