How to Buy a Perfect Guitar for Beginners.

Before I start the topic let me share my first guitar buying experience, which was not so great, but gave me chance to think on what not to buy!! Just like all beginners I started my Guitar learning journey with highest level of excitement and wanted to buy my perfect guitar as early as possible, eventually one of my guitar class member approached me and mentioned he wanted to sale his new guitar, I trusted him and bought the guitar. I was so happy as a beginner, but within few days I come to know the guitar has only 18 frets (it should be 21), the strings started touching the frets (when played open) and I realized that I have been cheated!!!! So lets see How to buy perfect guitar for beginners.

Guys, I don’t want you to get in such kind of situation so giving some tips which can help you to find perfect guitar to start your music journey

Guitar Size

One should always consider the guitar that you can hold comfortably. How to check that? Well its easy, sit down in upright position and rest your guitar on your thigh, make sure it is in upright position and now try to reach the front bottom of the guitar and use other hand to touch the first fret of the guitar. If you feel you can do it effortlessly then that’s the right size for you. However, please note that the volume and base in bigger size guitars is better than smaller size.

Usually there are four size in acoustic guitar – 38”, 39”, 40” and 41”.

Guitar Material

Now days there are synthetic (Material) guitars available in acoustic type of guitars, I personally prefer wooden guitars, electric guitars would usually made up of synthetic   material. My recommendation is go for wooden guitar (if you are buying acoustic guitar).  There are different types of wood s used in guitar for example Spruce, Rose wood, cedar etc.  The wood used also determines the sound  and weight of the guitar.  Therefore, while buying lift up the guitar and check its weight, lightweight guitar usually produce good sound, much clear.

Guitar Sound

The guitar tone or sound is very subjective matter, people have their own choices when it comes to sound, few prefer high bass guitar some goes for good treble, so there are no universal guide that defines good or bad sound. However, in my opinion the guitar, which sounds loud and clear should be the preference. If you want to check this just let someone play the guitar and try to listen the sound from some distance and check if it is clearly audible. One more important thing is that the strings should not touch the fret when it played open, to check this just play all the strings (Open) one by one and listen the sound if it makes unclear sound (like trrrrrrr) then it is faulty guitar


This may sound less important but believe me having right kind of accessories help you to keep learning mood on. It is important to have right plectrum (pick) always prefer thin pick, which help string to sound sharp and louder, but if you play, chords go for medium thick pick.

The guitar stand – I would suggest you to buy one guitar stand, why? The psychology behind it is when you see the guitar standing in front of you will be more tempted to play it rather than keeping it in the cover. After all it’s all about practice and keeping your weapon ready is important

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