What animals have to say about this lockdown- A chucklesome ride!!

Nature is healing. This phrase is going rounds in all the social media. Recently, we had the world earth day and the human species are caged inside their houses, because of which report says that pollution has reduced. Leonardo DiCaprio posted on his Insta handle that the Snow capped Himalayan peaks are visible from Punjab. This led to many hilarious memes, one that cracked me up was this. hey, and lets see how animals are keeping in lockdown !!!

Earth has returned to 65,000,000 BC. Earth is healing!


Also, I am sure you all would have heard the birdsongs a bit more than usual. I have also woken up every morning to the chirping and singing of birds. Crows cawing during the night time. This is something very rare in polluted cities. For a longtime I did enjoy them. However, I started to frown at their sounds once I ran into this post on media!

So, basically they were not singing. They were mocking us!:p

Jokes apart, some facts now!

If you are in Bengaluru now, you are the luckiest. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears out for the Twitters and melodious calls. From one of the articles published recently by cntraveller.in there are 10 birds you can see from your balcony. Ashy prinia, Jungle myna, Spotted owlet, Asian koel, Pied bush chat, White-browed wagtail, Indian coucal, Pale-billed flowerpecker, Indian pond-heron, Brahminy kite.

Picture courtesy: Cntraveller.in by Bijoy Venugopal.

Pets at home:

Meanwhile the pets at home are no less. I sit out in the balcony and see some colony members taking their dogs for a walk with masks on. I’m sure if the dogs had a mind voice they would have this doubt “why is he wearing a muzzle, did he bite someone?” Also it’s no more a human job to take dogs for a walk. It’s reversed now, dogs take us for a walk! An exaggeration of this is below.

However, on a serious note pets at home are giving us hope to come out of these situations. One of the famous news article “The guardian” published that the benefits of pet ownership for health and wellbeing are well-documented, reducing loneliness and anxiety, lending daily structure, and lifting mood. And that’s in normal circumstances. In lockdown, pets are proving a lifesaver for many, providing companionship, consistency and even joy. Dogs in particular have helped to keep their owners active, demanding daily walks, pandemic or no. Some people without pets have seen lockdown as an opportunity to bring one home. Many animal charities have reported an increase in fostering and adoptions, despite most centres being closed to the public.

If you own them, then treat them like a family!

Wildlife Animals in lockdown:

The wildlife is all soaring with happiness. Many animals are reclaiming public places as soon as the streets were emptied by humans. Not just in India, US to France, Italy to Japan, Poland to England, animals have truly come out of the wild. The print.in recently posted an article which said  abandoned city of Pripyat in Northern Ukraine, the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. More than 30 years after the nuclear disaster, the place is now inhabited by more than 200 bird species and other animals, including in the exclusion zone that humans had created after the explosion.

In the Kruger National park, the lions have been seen sleeping on the roadside. The photographer named Sowry had clicked pictures and shared them online. He also told that we only see lions sleeping on the park’s roads on colder nights in the winter, when the tar retains quite a lot of heat.

Picture courtesy: bbc.com photo by Richard Sowry

In India a zoo in Bihar was recently talk of the town, because of the chimpanzees there crave company of humans. The animal keepers in the zoo were seen trying to cheer up chimpanzees. As soon as zookeepers gathered around their enclosure and clapped and cheered, one of them jumped and exclaimed in joy.

Recently, reports from Russia also said that caregivers had discovered, some animals are suffering from a lonely lockdown. Apparently, television screens were set up and the cartoon The lion king was put up and this cheered the chimpanzees.

 Picture courtesy: bbc.com

Concluding this all I want to say is that, we all knew the ill effects of our ‘developmental lifestyle’ to this nature. This lockdown has just made it more evident, let’s not kill anything. We should learn to ‘Live and let live’!

Meanwhile, don’t forget #Natureishealing. The weather is so clear that I see PM Modi getting ready for his next speech on May 3rd “Mitron..

Me: See below:p

Yeh toh patha nahi ki Robo 3.0 ayegi ya nahi par Modiji lockdown 3.0 jaroor layenge.

Happy lockdown guys!!

Animals in Lockdown !!!

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