Sleep schedule disturbances during Lockdown: Concerns and Tips

Sleep is one of the best gifts that a man can ever wish for. Nothing beats a good night sleep. However, we are distracted with so many things around us that we tend to skip our sleep/wake up schedules. As per reports, India is the second most sleep-deprived country in the world. This issue is now rising up after the lockdown for Covid-19 has started. There was a recent survey conducted by a mattress company and it was found that 50 per cent respondents said that working from home made them feel sleepier during work hours, while 67 per cent said it had at least altered their sleep timings, major factor in Sleep schedule disturbances during lockdown.

The sleep deprivation widely is caused by two main reasons

            1.         Mental distractions

            2.         Physical distractions

Mental distractions: Causes and tips to overcome

“A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.” — Charlotte Brontë

This makes perfect sense now; the lock-down situation has made us anxious and increased Sleep schedule disturbances during Lock-down time. Everything now is uncertain; many questions like when will it all go back to being normal? We all have concerns about family, health, and jobs in these serious times.

There are 5 C’s that can help you overcome this:

1. Control: ‘Don’t worry so much that ambulance will ferry you! Make a list of things that are under your control and not. This helps to sort your thinking.

            2.         Care: ‘Care so much that you wear a smile for you and others’. Self-care is very important. Make a routine if you don’t have one or follow the routine as earlier. Care for your family and friends as well.

            3.         Continuity: ‘Routine that seemed yuck, is your golden duck’. The normalcy should not stop in your life. Do things that you were doing prior to this lockdown that can fit in the current situation. Like listen to same music, watch same series online, talk to same friends. This trains your mind to treat everything normal.

            4.         Creativity: ‘Creativity will kill the negativity’. Do anything that you find creative, even if it sounds stupid ‘Just do it’. Miles can go your thoughts; never stop them in few meters:) This helps to stop thinking negative.

            5.         Compassion: ‘Showing compassion is never out of fashion’. Being kind to you is the first step. This makes you learn and unlearn faster. Being kind to family, friends, animals and nature makes you feel complete. Try and give sometime for people around you, make them feel important.

All of this seems mundane? Then just tell yourself you’ve done all you can for that day and there’s nothing more to do and hit the bed. You’ll sleep like a baby:)

Physical distractions: Causes and tips to overcome Sleep schedule disturbances during lockdown

1.         Ban blue lights: The light from the electronic gadgets, have a powerful effect on your ‘master clock’ i.e. biological clock inside you. Hence, turn off TV, phone, tabs etc. an hour before you hit the sack.

            2.         Your space: Since we are working from home, we have the liberty to make our bed the workspace. But strictly avoid it.

            3.         Healthy food: Take light but healthy dinner. Don’t take a lot of liquids at night.

            4.         Alcohol: Try and avoid liquor, this completely damages your sleep pattern in a long run.

            5.         Daylight: We can’t go out at this moment, however stand in sunlight for sometime whenever possible. Your eyes need exposure to outdoor light because of a hormone in the body called melatonin – it regulates our sleep and wake pattern.

Yes, so the conclusion is that ‘Please go back to stone age and become cave men’. Haha!! No, the actual purpose of this is that we all need to find a balance in everything we do.

‘When life gives you lemon, make achar of it!

But when it gives you corona, kuch mast karona!

Sleep schedule disturbances during Lock-down

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