What is Meditation? And how can I start…


  • Inner Peace
  • Calm and Focused Mind
  • Stress Free Life
  • Emotional Stability

How to start

Prepare your mind

Just like any other good habit, Meditation also needs a dedicated mind which is prepared to invest some valuable time and efforts. So prepare your mind for a long-term daily routine

Find a peaceful place

Find yourself a peaceful, quiet place, where you can focus with less distraction. Make sure the place is clean and available for daily meditation activity

How to start

The easiest method of meditation is to sit with straight back, close your eyes and entirely focus on your breath or on the tip of your nose so you can sense the breathing. Perform this activity for 5-10 minutes at the beginning and gradually increase the time


During initial days you will find distractions but just ignore it and keep practising, after all it’s all about practice.

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