Budget Travel Tips in India

Whoever said travelling needs money probably had it. Kudos to him but that doesn’t stop us from discovering new ways to see the world. Does it? These young and driven people fancy lengthy bucket lists but an inversely proportional bank balance fails them every time they plan a trip. However, planning a budget trip in India is much easier. Lets have look on some Budget Travel Tips in India.

Here are some of the best tips for budget trips in India which are sure to incite the wanderlust in you.

Be the early bird!!

This one is on top of the list of Budget Travel Tips in India. Make sure to book your flight tickets two to three months prior to your vacation. Also, use the private browsing mode while looking for flights, and if possible, try not to book flights on the weekends as the prices are higher on weekends.

Use public transport

Travelling via local transport is usually uncomfortable, but it’s always much cheaper and way more fun. If you are willing to rough it a bit then you will save so much money just on transport alone. Plus it’s usually the best way to meet locals and you have a far richer experience.

Choose Home Stays, not Hotels

Youngsters these days are open to experiments with the way they travel, the kind of stays they pick, and experiences they go for. Choosing a home-stay over a hotel makes you experience local hospitality, taste local cuisine, and visit the most beautiful places around.

Travel Off Season

One of the best tips for budget trips in India is to plan your vacation in the off-season. For example, tourist destinations like Shimla or Nainital are not frequented as much by the tourists during the time from July to November and thus you can enjoy the beauty of the place in its purest form.

Street Food

Now the bookings, stays, and transits are sorted, next thing that could make your trip an expensive affair is the food. Three meals a day in a decent resort could really hurt your pocket. Don’t be afraid of street food. It’s usually super cheap and super delicious! Some of the best meals I have had were street side vendors selling a meal for 50 rupees.

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