Elizabeth Holmes: All You Need to Know and Net worth in 2020

Born in Feb 1984, Elizabeth Holmes is a well-known businesswoman resident of United States of America, Many people see her as brilliant self-made business woman. Forbes also names Elizabeth Holmes the youngest and wealthiest female billionaire of the era, eventually we also seen some corrections made by Forbes in its publications on her net worth and image.

Elizabeth Holmes completed her schooling in St. John’s School, Houston. At early age, she started her own business in computer software technology where the software can translate the computer code for Chinese schools. Later she went to Stanford to complete Chemical Engineering. News is she did not complete the engineering, as she wanted to start the company.

Elizabeth Holmes founded the company called Theranos and appointed herself as CEO. The Theranos was the revolutionary idea in the Health technology segment, specifically into blood testing. The company claimed that they perform the blood test with very small amount of blood, for example finger-prick. Also claimed that they have developed small-automated device, which can perform rapid blood tests.

Elizabeth Holmes’s Net worth was $4.5 Billion.

The fall down of Theranos started in year 2015 when some journalists and investigators revealed the truth about the claim company made on testing technology and news floated up about investors getting misled. Eventually in year, 2018 company has been charged with fraud for misleading claim about company’s blood testing technology.

At present, Elizabeth is dealing with the losses she suffered due to decline of her company.

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