How to write a perfect blog Post

‘Perfecta no es el final’ meaning being perfect is not the end, but just the beginning. Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Pat Flynn, Brian Clark, Andrew Sullivan, Harvey Levin are not ordinary people, but are all great bloggers, who started small to reach perfection. And are great examples for some perfect entertaining content. Here’s the link go read more about each one of them: to feel inspired!! Because you never know;), this will be fun ride on how to write a perfect blog Post !!

Like really? Dump bags can inspire you!

Blog Inspirations: Image

We as budding bloggers are for sure trying to reach somewhere but in our own unique way possible. This is the key, get inspired but never follow anyone. Create your own path to achieve what is called ‘Perfection’.

There any many blogs that gives you ‘Tips and tricks to write perfect blog’ but this is a bit different. Writing a blog post is an experience, like driving. The stimulations (in this case blogs for tips) can make you an expert but it’s nothing like getting behind the wheels!! This blog post-will wake you up, make you hit the road!

Firstly, there are certain questions that you should remove from your head to become a good blogger.

  1. Why don’t I find time to write?
  2. Why so less views for the blog?
  3. How is my blog post making any difference?
  4. There is nothing new or interesting to say?

And many such negative questions need to be banned! Can we change the same negation to something positive?

  1. I have plenty of time for my work, writing is given a slot in it too.
  2. Being amateur writer, I have so many views.
  3. With these small audience my blog post is making a difference.
  4. Whatever I write with passion is interesting to a set of target audience.

And many such negative questions need to be banned! Can we change the same negation to something positive?

  1. I have plenty of time for my work, writing is given a slot in it too.
  2. Being amateur writer, I have so many views.
  3. With these small audience my blog post is making a difference.
  4. Whatever I write with passion is interesting to a set of target audience.

Do you see a sunrise or sunset?

See, there lies the difference!

For you to become a good blogger all you have to become best at is being THIEF!

Haha! Don’t take it literally, THIEF is an acronym. This is what it stands for:

T: Topic selection
H: Headline
I: Images
E: Explore the examples
F: Fun

Let’s explore each in detail

Topic selection:

A topic that will interests the reader is a big enigma. Being a pro at it comes

by selecting a topic that interests you first. This is because, when you have interest you write better and in turn audiences will love to read anything but better. Readers can often tell when a writer is bored by their subject, and it’s so cringe-worthy it’s a little embarrassing.So, never let your blog post be Dull and boring, even if it is never give a sign of it.

Platforms like BuzzSumo can help you figure out what topics are trending. Check out our list of SEO tools for more suggestions on how to come up with blog post ideas that are search engine optimised. There are many links that will help you select a topic. Go for these shortcuts only when drained of ideas!

2. Headline

There is a study that says 8 out of 10 readers will never read past your headline. Yes, it better be exceptional. Think of a headline and use the keyword phrase in it, so that it is easily found when searched by any reader. One of the bloggers also had described as formula for it : Number + Trigger Word + Adjective + Promise. There are two main approaches to decide the headlines. You can either decide it prior to start of the blog post(and use your headline to structure your outline), or you can write your blog post with a working title and see what fits when you’re done. If your headline is not compelling, you’ll lose up to 80% of your audience.

Another technique is posing a question in your headline. This can be extraordinarily effective, as it is in our blog;)

Your blog post headline needs to clearly articulate what you’ll be covering in the article. No one is going to click a vague headline.

Bad Headline: Write a Song

Good Headline: How to Compose Your Own Song: Songwriting 101

One of the famous bloggers once explained the 5Ws


These engaging, interrogative words are used to gather information. By using them in your headlines, you articulate to readers the kind of information you intend to provide.

There different types of headlines like The ‘Best’ Headlines, The ‘It’s a Race’ Headlines, The ‘Why X People Do X’ Headlines and many more. This is a link that can help you more:

Last but not the least use pictures that can make it easier for the readers to understand your intention, like this one

Can you guess the blog post headline for this picture?? If you do, then you are just normal nothing great:p

3. Images

Ah! This is so basic, may be we all learnt it in our pre-school. Pictures makes one more attentive and grab faster. According to Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more total views than articles without images. From another blog that says In another study by the Nielsen Norman Group, users in a test were asked to look at a page with a large header image that took up 23% of the page. The picture below shows a gaze plot of a user looking at a landing page. The slider image (yellow) took eight seconds to load; as a result, the user spent a mere 1% of their time looking at the image. Diagrams, charts, infographics, tables, and any other visual assets can help your readers understand abstract or complex topics and grasp the points you’re trying to make.

Nobody has time now to read through, social media has made us all this way. Your picture

should speak. Funny images can be more effective. A small chuckle by the reader can change a lot. The one above would surely make one smile. Images can also be a direct illustration of your thought. Like this one:

Follow your heart, but take the brain with you’

Images that are eye-catching are more powerful. It is unique and makes you look at it a couple times. This will also help to share your content easily. Like this one:

Haha! You did look at it more than once, come out of the shock now. This picture did rounds in the media. This a good source of further more explanation on images for your blog:

This a good source of further more explanation on images for your blog

4. Explore the examples

: Once you have decided on the topic, don’t immediately start writing. Search for such similar blogs and research on it, until the data is sufficient. The facts that you provide should be right, never make up your own. Also, plagiarism is a crime. Never copy paste someone’s work, it’s cheating your own intelligence. Use the phrase ‘How to’ in the searches to get more examples about the topic. The examples I mean here can also be a theme of your blog. One of bloggers from word stream clearly states how research is very important, not just that later on posting them as points makes it effective. If you are dealing on third party for sources, then choose authoritative sources. Official associations, government websites, heavily cited research papers, and preeminent industry experts are all good examples. Nobody is right all the timeBest link here to make you aware of different types of blogs itself :

5. Fun

Anyone out there can provide information to enhance knowledge. But the difference lies in the way you present it. And the most long lasting form is by making it fun for the readers. By fun I just don’t mean jokes, you can also include some fun contents with prizes or many creative ideas. Engaging the reader is also a part of fun blog posts. This will increase your blogs visibility. Fun will also help the readers break from something serious  in the blog. After all it’s your blog and nobody will say No to fun.

Being fun is the most hardest of all. Making someone laugh at your joke is phenomenal. People want fun in everything, they say life is very serious. I include fun elements not for this reason, but i myself will sleep over the paragraphs of lecture. Making it interesting is the motto. Having said that don’t include anything that is offensive or racial, this might lead to unwanted results. Keep it simple but crack them up!

Let’s not scroll down any more, concluding this.

Just know that the best thing about blogs are they have longer life span. By writing your blog, you have created a new page in the Internet that will keep it saved for many years to come. Your writing is the mirror of your thoughts. Make a mark on the readers, one day it will pay off!.

Every writer wants his/her work to be at-least read if not appreciated. And what I feel right now is, See below!

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