The Sunny side of life

  • By – Vashist Tirunagari

Hola! Hope you are all doing well, taking all the safety measures and staying indoors in the wake of this pandemic which has affected a good majority of us. Please do your bit. Stay home, serve thyself and thy neighbor. So, as we are now staying home, with not a lot of work at hand this season. Candice and I were taking some time out to go through the photo albums of our previous vacations, reminiscing those moments and getting all pink. There’s this one trip which is still as afresh in our memories as it’s in the album; our winter’s Hush-hush getaway which we chose to keep a secret from our family, friends and all you boomers ;). Our under-wraps Maldives Vacation – The Sunny side of life

Having seen some wonderful images and resplendent videos of the Maldives’ pristine beaches, reef-ringed atolls, luxurious bungalows on the water and some high-octane water sports, Maldives became an obvious choice for our love of tropics and white sand beaches. We booked our 2-day trip to the Maldives.

  • Day 1: Touchdown. In and around the Capital city.
  • Day 2: Sun. Tan. Over-Water villa.
  • Day 3: Bidding Adieu


We landed at the Velana International airport which sits on the island named Hulhule’, greeted upon arrival by the gracefully bright sun and warm winds. We were received by a guide from our resort, who would later take us through the capital city as we planned to go see some noteworthy in Male’. We learned that back in the day before the sea-link was constructed tourists and passengers had to board a traditional boat called the ‘Dhoni’ to get to the Capital City.

Rehan, our guide already had a readied list of places for us to visit in the capital city for the day before we started off to Paradise Island resorts. So, as per the itinerary, we checked into The Somerset Hotel in the afternoon and were almost famished and ready to gorge lunch.

     The Somerset Male’

 We were happy to go by Rehan’s suggestion and drove to Raanbaa restaurant on Majeedhee Magu for some authentic island cuisine. We ordered some local bread called ‘Roshi’ with a ‘mas-huni’, a preparation of fillets or loins of tuna or any reef-fish brought to a boil and spiced up with freshly cut green chilies and some hand-ground local spices. Despite the recipe being a breakfast specialty, we could not keep ourselves from ordering it as it brought immediate waters in our mouths when we saw it on the table next to ours.

Raanbaa Restaurant

Being a predominantly Muslim country, most of the landmarks and landscaping in the city is very religious-centric and mosques and crescent signs on streets are commonplace in Male’. We took a stroll around the Sultan park, Hukuru Misky, and Bodu Takurufanu Magu. After a good sightseeing stroll and some shopping, we were back to the hotel to relax and prep up for a fresh new day at the resort.

Sultan’s park

Sun. Tan. Over-Water Villa

After a modest breakfast at the Somerset, we set out to Paradise island resort in a speed motor boat.   Like all resorts, the Paradise resort is on its own private island that boasts over water bungalows, their own restaurant, bar, spa, and operated tours. Our package was a full-board water villa with one night in an Over-Water villa and another night in a Haven water villa, which is a more sprawling water villa with a bath-tub on the patio that leads to a hammock that overlooks the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. This was just the perfect setting for a work detox for Candice and me. Both of us fancied this idea of tanning under the sun on solitary vacation, one which saw us lazing through time, with our hands clasped, as we gazed at the tranquil seas leading upto the horizon. We spent almost the wholeday swimming in the laguna and resting in the tub on the patio. It was a mesmerizing experience.

The Sunny side of life

There was a lot more to do within the resort, but since we just wanted to unwind and laze on the weekend it was a worthwhile 2-day vacation

Bidding Adieu

After a rejuvenating weekend at Paradise island resort and a sumptuous Sunday breakfast; we walked out with a poetic perception for what we had experienced in those two days. Today, As we relive the moments spent in the Maldives, The bright Sun, the warm tropical weather, white sand beaches and the experience of being lost in paradise is something which will be cherished for a long time, till we go back to relive, indeed – The Sunny side of life

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