How it is to be a Single child?

  • By Lakshmi

Yes, I am a single girl child to my parents. I was always convinced that being a single child is a blessing. The perks that are in it, Parents love is not shared, focused attention on you, no fights, no sharing especially ice creams, pampering and so on. I am not deriving at a judgement that is it good or bad being a single child. But I want to explain the stages of my life being a single child.

Me at Pre-school 

My memories are faded yet one incident that I remember is that my mom came just for me, to the school to feed me lunch. I feel special thinking about it even today.

Me at Pre-school

I had no competition at home, to do better at studies or sports. This made me relaxed and lazy at times.

I was always put to schools where my cousins studied. This way my parents thought I was safe. So, for many years I didn’t make any best friends. Because i was always with them.

I always got new uniforms and books. Never was in a situation to take elder sister’s or brother’s.

Until I finished school never shared my personal thoughts with anyone. I was very shy child and could barely trust anyone.

After finishing my 10th exams and waiting for results, is when I realized that I have no best friend with whom I can share everything. This made me more closer to my mom. I started sharing mostly everything with her, yet could not open up completely.

Me at college

Friends took over everything that seemed empty.

Easier for my parents to concentrate only on my education alone (You know how costly it is). Hence got a better education.

 Never had to share my room with anyone.

Never had to exchange clothes, no fashion suggestions ( if at all I had a sister:p)

 My birthdays were still special.

In life, I’m solely responsible to take care of my parents. This makes it even more special, for one can ever wish for. However, the empty space for that one person with whom I could have laughed, cried and hugged my happiness and sorrows will remain empty forever.

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