Most effective parenting tips

Parenting is not a Skill-training program with fixed syllabus, it is not an art, it is not a science and but is just a natural bond between you and your children. If you are overwhelmed with this responsibility and feels like a roller coaster ride, here are few Most effective parenting tips for you


Good communication is a sign of good parenting and also top in the list of Most effective parenting tips. It not only helps building a strong bond between you and your child but also help them develop their communication and personality. It gives them confidence that they are important part of family if a parent is attentive towards their Children. Let them express their feeling with utmost comfort and always respond to them. Never keep any question unattended. You can bye in time if you are falling short of right words to answer their questions. This happens, and this happens a lot

No Comparison

Every child is unique and so is every Parent. Everyone has their own clock. Thus do not compare your kid with others, let it be neighbors or siblings. Comparison will cause no good to your child nor you as parent. Accept the fact that everyone has their own cycle and respect it

Appreciate the efforts

Make sure that every little effort is appreciated. This boost up their confidence and makes them try harder. This is another way to let them know that you love them. Do not expect perfection at first attempt but appreciate that first step towards perfection. As a parent, it is your responsibility to guide them and correct them but how you convey this makes the difference. Let them understand although you want them to exceed your love for them is unconditional no matter what

Set limits and be consistent

Discipline is important not only for children but for parents as well. Have your household rules and make sure everyone abides by them. Make your child involved in the discussion for setting up the limits and respect their inputs. This helps them understand what acceptable behavior is. Setting up the limits is just half the way what is more important is to have system to follow this. It might be a warning followed by time out or any other punishment agreed upon by everyone. Be consistent with consequences. You cannot expect a discipline if you are not consistent

Be an example yourself

This is the most important thing. Children are best at mimicking things. No matter how hard you tell them to do something they are not going to follow it unless they see you doing it. It is as simple equation ‘They see it, they do it’ no matter what they listen to. This the perfect way to make things happen. For all the children their parents are their role model, (at least till certain age) so it is up to us, how their role model should be.
There is nothing like a perfect parenting as no one is perfect in this whole world but what is best about parenting is everyone strive to be perfect in his or her own ways

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