A smart home, usually controlled by an application in the smartphone, provides the much-needed comfort, convenience, and security in a house. Besides, it also ensures a reduced electric bill at the end of the month. However, the majority of the users are ignorant and are yet to find out the potential of these smart home devices. Here, in this article, we have listed the top five smart home tricks that can help you impress anyone, including your guests.

1. Syncing lights with movies using Philip Hue Lights

If you have a home theatre, you would obviously love to add a little extra decoration to enjoy the best-in-class movie watching experience. It is highly recommended to install Philips Hue lights, which can change brightness, contrast and shade according to the TV shows and movies you are watching. The end-result looks incredibly eye-catching and can offer you a unique experience.

All you need to do is download the Philips Hue Sync application, which is available for both macOS and Windows platforms. Install the application on the computer system which is connected to the external home theater screen where you watch all your favorite movies or TV series. The program will detect the content on the screen and change the light effects accordingly.

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2. Enhance your Sanitary Ware using Kohler’s Numi Smart Toilet:

Kohler’s incredible range of Numi Smart Toilet is indeed a true porcelain masterpiece. Apart from your usual air dryer, bidet, heating functions and deodorizer, this toilet comes with a motion-activated seat and cover, illuminated panels, automatic flushing, foot warmer and much more. To top it all, it sports a wireless music sync capability as well that lets you stream your favourite tracks. From its incredible design to amazing water efficiency, Kohler’s Numi Smart Toilet will surely impress your guests.    

3. Call by using voice command with Google Home Speaker

For the majority of the population, the touch screen technology is the latest trend, but the same is not the case with you. You don’t need to touch your screen anymore for making a call; just your command is enough to do the task. To access this feature, you need a Google Home speaker.

Firstly, you need to sync your Google account with your Google Home speaker and install a Google Home application on your smartphone. You need to allowaccess to personalizations. As a result, you will be able to call someone by simply saying ‘call’ followed by his/her name.  Choose the “hey Google, hang up” option to disconnect a call. Besides, you can even disconnect the call by a single tap over the speaker.

You can do similar things on Amazon Echo and Apple’s HomePod speaker as well.

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4. Unlock your House Door using Keyless Automated Door Lock

An automated door lock is one of the most amazing smart home tricks that offers a number of benefits. It can be termed as a great combination of convenience and security. Firstly, with an automated door lock, you will no longer need the boring sets of keys. Secondly, you will have all the options to lock and unlock the door even from a distant location. Besides, you can track those who are entering your house and their respective entry points. Lastly, you only need to download a mobile application to manage all these amazing features.

5. Improve your dining experience using Smart Kitchen Gadgets

The Bluetooth-enabled Masterbuilt Smart Digital Electric Smoker is a device that makes smoking smart and simple. Whether its frying a turkey or filleting a fish,  just stack the digital electric smoker with enough food that makes your guests happy and then track the acitivities from a distance. All you need is a smartphone to track and regulate the various features of the smoker.

Another smart kitchen gadget is the Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale that lets you impress your guests by whipping some world-class cocktails at home. Just place the cocktail steel shaker up on the smart scale, choose from over 400 recipes in the free mobile application and start pouring! Follow the instructions and allow Perfect Drink to become your personal at-home bartender.   

Want a caffeine fix? The Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker can be the perfect choice. This cute little coffee machine creates and saves your preferred brewing profiles and remembers the extraction and temperature of choice. In fact, this smart coffee machine is compatible with Google Alexa as well.


smart home, which is also known as automation home, is going to be a raging trend in future. It not only provides convenience but can also be extremely helpful as a cost-cutting measure. Moreover, its technological superiority adds a ‘wow’ factor in your home. Hence, with such amazing inventions already at our disposal,the popularity of smart home is only going to rise from here on. My add-ons tip is you can also create your own smart home DIY at home, if you are tight on budget

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