With the home automation market becoming a raging trend, you are confronted by endless products that promise excellent functionality. However, as it is a relatively new technology, a few elements of smart home automation don’t come cheap. But lucky for you, there is no need to worry anymore as you can take things in your hands and create your own automated household using a few inexpensive components. This way, you will not only be able to save money but also enjoy the advantages of an automated household under a shoestring budget. Here are seven DIY smart home automation projects you can start:

1. Smart Speaker:   

Nowadays, most people carry their music around on their smartphones. However, the procedure of integrating your favourite tracks in your real-world music speaker system can prove to be a cumbersome task. But by incorporating an aux cable with a Raspberry Pi Zero in the rear side of your amp, you’ll be able to build one Bluetooth receiver.   

Furthermore, you can integrate the Bluetooth receiver easily along with voice-assistance gadgets such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. Follow the simple instructions on the fifth step mentioned in this blog to build your own DIY smart speakers.

2. Smart Lights:

Another incredible smart home project using the Raspberry Pi is the creation of smart lights to remotely turn lights on & off, as Willq44 describes in his blog post at Instructables. You will not get every functionality and features of a proper smart light system such as Philips Hue; however; you will surely be satisfied with the fact that you developed the entire setup yourself.    

The DIY smart light system works by integrating the Raspberry Pi with remote-controlled energy outlets as well as software that is regulated over the internet. This enables you to switch on & off the lights from a phone, laptop or anything that connects to the web. A little cutting and soldering is needed so that it turns out to be an accurate DIY smart lighting system. However, there is nothing here that is particularly complex.

3. Smart Light Switch:

The smart light switches are one of the best DIY home automation project ideas among home automation fans these days. Though Wi-Fi enabled switches are the future of light switches, presently, they are just for the dedicated automation enthusiasts. If you wish to develop smart light switches without breaking the bank, then Max Glenister has come up with a solution in his blog post at Foray Into Home Automation.

Max moves the light switch physically through the cloud using a NodeMCU board that is Wi-Fi enabled along with a servo motor. The original fitting remains unaffected due to the creation of a dedicated 3-Dimensional case that fits on the present light fixing.

By using Blynk for communicating with the light switch from the smartphone, this DIY home automation project is an amazing budget hack for the ones who want to use a smart light switch plunge. 

4. Smart Smoke Alarm:

This is one of the most simple DIY home automation hacks which involves the addition of an extra kit, i.e. the Roost Smart Battery, to the existing appliance. The 9V battery fits within almost every smoke alarm system and introduces simple smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can install it within a few minutes and, best of all; it lasts for around five years, as per reviews of people who have used it.

Having access to the smoke alarm through a smartphone app will let you receive alerts of a potential fire hazard at whichever location you are across the world. Besides, you can even turn off any false notifications instantly if there isn’t any danger. Another incredible aspect is that you can also configure different rooms as well as give your neighbours access to the system when you are away.  

5. Smart Security Camera

You can build nearly any kind of smart automation devices when you have a Raspberry Pi at home, including a smart security camera. YouTuber JackkTutorials describes how one can utilize the Raspberry Pi for creating a DIY smart security camera system that looks after your belongings, despite the lights being off.

To create a smart security camera, you will need the Pi Camera Accessory, a Raspberry Pi and some other elements. You will also need the MotionPie software, which is free to use and will allow you to access your system via any internet browser. The software has a few features that you will find in the best smart security cameras in the market, including image uploads, FTP support and motion detection.

6. Smart Thermostat

You can avoid spending a lot of money if you carefully control the heating system of your house. Several latest heating systems sport a certain level of built-in control, but still, there’s no alternative for a completely automated experience. 

Luckily, the idea described by Ecobots in a video is the ideal budget example of DIY Thermostat Controller. Here, cloud integration is provided by Adafruit IO service, though OpenHAB or Blynk can also perform the same function.

You can enjoy complete control over your home heating system with the help of a NodeMCU board and some cheap relays.

7. Smart Garage Door Opener:

Last but not the least, a garage door opener is also among the best DIY smart home tech projects that you should try out. While you cannot DIY the real mechanism easily, you can switch the controller with something that’s more integrated. This was exactly the aim of Andrew Pena, which he has explained step-by-step in his blog post at Hackster.

The project uses an MCU known as Photon Particle that performs more or less the same as Raspberry Pi. There was no failure reported by Pena in the project even after six weeks of launching it, which is indeed a resounding success according to us.      


These were a few of the many DIY smart home automation projects. Once you begin, you will discover numerous things that you’d want to automate. So why wait? Get started with a few DIY home automation projects and transform your house into a smart home, that too within a budget!

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