“AI” is the new “Ammo.” against Corona Virus (AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science):

“AI” is the new “Ammo.” against Corona Virus – Imagine how does a typical week starts; you wake up lazy hoping that it would be so good if it is a Sunday instead of a Monday. Never ever we thought in our dreams, especially this generation people that every day will be a Sunday, except that we can’t go out and our hands are tied virtually. Any day if we decided to go out, we only find that Amazon, Walmart or Reliance is out of monthly groceries or face masks, medications, hand sanitizers. The reason behind all of these is the elephant in the room -“The novel coronavirus disease- COVID-19”.

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Corona Virus has been the only major trending topic which has been running on everyone’s mind these days and forcing almost all of us indoors. Every aspect of the society is affected directly or indirectly and there is no hiding in it. Be it social, economic or even political. Many communities are contributing to society in their own way. The ML, AI or Data science community are moving forward to offer help. The corporate companies invite these communities to participate in hackathons in search of finding an effective solution. these communities on other hand is also doing immense research and posting various articles on fighting against corona Virus with the help of AI, a few have offered a holistic view. Therefore, I wish to bring together some cases of machine learning and data science that are and can be applied to battle against corona Virus.

Though there are controversies about the accuracy of these predictions, the good thing about ML models become better and better with time. Nevertheless, I believe that ML and Data science can help accelerate solutions and minimize the impacts of the virus along with all the other great research and planning going.

Here is my list of comprehended data sets list that I had collected from various sources on my GitHub repository. Here are the ways in which ML and DS are being used: 

AI can predict the epidemics and pandemics prior to the official announcement:

The website nextweb.com published an article quoting that, Nine days before the official announcement to the world about coronavirus by the World Health Organization in 2019, Blue Dot, an artificial intelligence platform that tracks most of the infectious diseases around the world, flagged a cluster of “unusual pneumonia” cases happening around a market in Wuhan, China. So “AI” can be the new “Ammo.” against Corona Virus

ML can perform drug screening and predict the structure of proteins and their interactions with chemical compounds :

The research paper https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202002.0061/v1 talks about drug screening based on deep learning. They are following a deep-learning method called Deeper Feature Convolutional Neural Network (DFCNN), which identifies potential drugs for 2019-nCoV protease by performing drug screening test against four chemical compound databases.

Machine Learning combined with Computer Vision can perform chest CT scans and check body temperatures:

Alibaba, another Chinese tech giant, has developed an AI system that can detect coronavirus in chest CT scans. According to the researchers who developed the system, the AI has a 96-per cent test accuracy after trained on 5,000 corona Virus cases and it can perform the test in just 20 seconds where as human expert will take 15 minutes to diagnose the patients. This system is being adopted in almost 100 hospitals in China.  

A.I. May Help to Minimize Fatality rate and can perform Disease Management

A.I. can help in managing the outbreak and minimize fatality rates by decreasing the burden on the healthcare professionals and reminding patients on proper care procedures. Currently, the most vulnerable people that have high risk of COVID19 exposure are physicians, nurses, and hospital staff. Till date, thousands of hospital staff in China and various other countries have been infected with the corona virus. A.I. can help mitigate that burden by the prior intimation of no.of beds, ventilators available and request the order required if necessary, at the available inventories.

Data science helps us in visualizing the impact of the social distancing on treating this pandemic

Social distancing breaks the chain of the spread of the diseases and would help in providing the recovery. Provided that the impact on them is not greater than their own immunity levels.

Data Science can really help in visualizing the impact of social distancing on Corona Virus. It can build analytics out of the data, which in turn can lead to deductions regarding the effectiveness of social distancing. Here is the visualization regarding it.

Image source: katapult

AI chatbots and recommenders disseminate information across social media and search engines:

There are a lot of Telegram and WhatsApp chatbots available to distribute the information besides the government and news websites. The social media platforms are easy to use and have the power to communicate people across the globe; in no time and to raise awareness among people on various issues the society facing due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Be it lacking hospital beds or enough food, or sanitation needs etc.; the AI is vigilant enough to recommend these topics across the globe. Popular social media cum web search engine like YouTube recommends official WHO channels to everyone who uses it. Even Google pins COVID-19 related information on top of news stack and search results.

Although it’s too early to judge the complete benefit of AI in battle against coronavirus its blind spots;, the efforts which are being put are truly noteworthy and commendable.

Every day saved in finding the corona Virus vaccine can save hundreds or even thousands of lives in due course of time.

“AI” can be the new “Ammo.” against Corona Virus

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