Here are some Amazing Features that we might see in Android 11 Final Build

Google, recently, released its new Android 11 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) version with some amazing features. This version is available on all the supported Google Pixel devices, i.e., Google Pixel 2 & 2 XL, Pixel 3 & 3 XL, Pixel 3a & 3a XL and Pixel 4 & 4XL. In fact, the tech giant might even start rolling the Android 11 beta version next month. However, it is essential to know that some of the features available in the developer preview may not make it to the Android 11 final build. Google is presently just experimenting with the features before making a final call on what to implement in the stable version.

In the meanwhile, here are some major features in the Android 11 Developer Preview version that we can expect to see in the stable release.

Larger recent apps preview

Users will likely get better recent apps preview in the stable Android 11 OS. As per reports, in the latest Android 11 DP3 version, Google has introduced some changes in the recent apps screen. If you look at the below-given image, you will find that the size of the recent app preview in Android 11 is larger than Android 10. Besides, there are two options at the bottom of the screen as well, i.e., Share and Screenshot. This will help the users take a screenshot of the app and share it from there directly.

New pop-up for screenshot

In Android 11 DP3, Google has also revamped the pop-up screen that flashes while taking a screenshot. The pop-up is smaller in size than what you generally see in the Apple devices. Instead of a big pop-up, users will likely see a small-sized pop-up for the screenshot, at the screen’s bottom-left side. Besides, there will also be options such as share, edit and dismiss.

Dark mode scheduling

The Android 11 stable build is likely going to bring the dynamic system-wide dark mode. The main highlight of this feature is that it will transform the device from normal to dark mode or vice-versa depending on what time of the day it is, i.e., by analyzing whether it is day time or night. Well, this seems to be quite an exciting feature.

Better app permissions

App permissions are something that every Android user is always worried about. In the Android 11 DP3, Google has added a new app permission feature which will revoke all the app permissions if the users do not use that particular app for a couple of months. This will help the users to prevent an unused app from draining data.

Use Bluetooth while the AirPlane mode is on

Generally, the Bluetooth option turns off when you turn on the Airplane mode. But now, with Android 11, the users will likely be able to use their Bluetooth earphones when the Airplane mode is enabled. Well, this is indeed good news for the users who wish to use their Bluetooth headsets while on Airplane mode.

Ethernet tethering

In the Android 11 DP3 version, Google has added a new feature which, if released in the stable version, will enable the users to connect the USB-to-Ethernet adapter to their phones and then connect the LAN cable to the adapter and computer. This way, they will be able to use their smartphone’s internet on the computer.

Dismiss persistent notifications

Google is integrating the ability to dismiss persistent notifications in Android 11. In Android 10, the users have the option to dismiss most of the notifications; however, they cannot delete the persistent notifications of apps that are running in the background. But with Android 11, the users will likely get the choice to dismiss these notifications.

Once they dismiss the persistent notifications, they will be moved to the History pane, which Google had introduced in the Android 11 Developer Preview 2. 

Chat bubbles for various messaging apps

Though Google had introduced chat bubbles feature in the Android 10 Developer Preview, the feature was not rolled out in the final build. But now, the feature will likely be introduced in Android 11 final build and will enable chat apps to use bubbles and offer ease of conversation. Well, these chat bubbles are quite similar to Facebook Messenger’s Bubble API.

When a new SMS arrives, the users will see a chat bubble on their phone screen. A text field will appear to reply to the message when they tap on the bubble.

BiometricPrompt API

The new stable Android OS will likely come with a better BiometricPrompt that supports three authentication modes, i.e., weak, device credential and strong. The users will enjoy better device privacy, with improved biometric security. 


These are just a few features that the users may get with Android 11 stable version. More features are still under the hood and not revealed by Google yet. The company always has plenty more to offer, and so, you can hope to get the best of features with the upcoming new Android OS.

Android 11 Final Build

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