How to Get More Traffic to your YouTube Videos in 2020 | Realistic Guide

Over the years, YouTube has earned immense popularity and success. The video-sharing platform hosts a whopping 4 billion videos daily and has gone on to become the hub for video content marketing. However, with so many videos being uploaded on YouTube, there is tremendous competition to get more traffic to your YouTube Videos. So how can you make your content shine out and receive the exposure that it desired? To help you out, we have listed a few simple realistic tips or measures that you should consider in order to increase the views or traffic for your YouTube videos, and eventually boost your video rankings on YouTube website.

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Realistic Tips Get More Traffic to your YouTube Videos?

As per our experience we have shortlisted below Tips and Tricks to Get More Traffic to your YouTube Videos, please read through and try to implement it and assure that it will drive the traffic to your YouTube channel as you every desired,

1. Choose the right Niche for your YouTube Channel

Define purpose for your YouTube Channel: Image

The niche you will be targeting is the foundation of your YouTube channel. To offer the correct and relevant content to your audience, its essential to know your target audience first. Each video you upload needs to have an intent and a purpose. Most people know the niche they want to work on when starting a YouTube channel. However, if you are confused about how to choose a topic , then you can research the market to see if the niche you thought is being searched for by the audience. You can also utilize tools mentioned below to know the popularity of various topics among people and choose the popular and profitable Niche.

2. Generate keyword ideas for your Videos

Autocomplete Feature: Image

Next, it is crucial to optimize your YouTube videos around correct Keywords as they enhance the chances of you receiving more views and subscribers to your YouTube Videos. You might have seen; when you search on YouTube, the platform suggests a certain set of keywords for the searched term. This is referred to as the ‘Autocomplete‘ feature. The main highlight of this feature is that it suggests only popular keywords. This implies that the autocomplete recommendations make amazing keywords for optimizing your YouTube videos. You can also use keyword tools such as mentioned below to know what people are searching in relation to your topics.

3. Keep a Watch on your Competitors

Track Your Competitors: Image

To create good content, you need to consume a lot of different content. While watching the YouTube videos of famous YouTubers from your niche, make a note of all the unique things, keywords or ideas that they have used in their content. Improvise these ideas and implement them in your YouTube videos. This is a continuous process, and you have to stay up-to-date with what’s new in your niche if you wish to beat the competition.

4. Optimize the Metadata of your YouTube video

Metadata Optimization: Image

A YouTube Metadata comprises of the title, description and tags of your YouTube videos. Optimized metadata increases the chances of your YouTube videos ranking high up in both YouTube and Google, which is important to attract more traffic to your YouTube Videos.  Title your video correctly using key phrases which users would likely search to arrive at your video. Your title needs to be concise and clear. Meanwhile, you can opt to go a little in-depth with your description. It should convey what the content of your video is all about. You can include 2-3 relevant keywords and necessary URLs in the description. On the other hand, tags are nothing but descriptive keywords which help people locate your YouTube videos. Include a mix of general and specific tags. Incorporate tags which are keywords in your description and title. You can utilize following free tools to get more tags,


5. Use Attractive Thumbnail for your YouTube Video

YouTube Video Thumbnail example: Image

Majority of the YouTubers make the mistake of not using a thumbnail. However, the thumbnail is an important aspect that you should consider if you want to increase traffic to your YouTube Videos. It is the first thing that people notice about your video, and more often than not, an appealing thumbnail drives people to your channel. But, your thumbnail should be related to the topic; or else, it will hamper the credibility of your channel. Attractive faces, poses, surprising things can be good idea for your YouTube Video thumbnails and shall definitely help getting more traffic to your youTube videos

You can use following tools for creating professional and eye-catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

6. Opt for a Attractive Banner for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Banner: Image

Just like the thumbnails, the banner also plays a vital role in boosting traffic to your YouTube videos. It’s the first thing that viewers see when they visit your YouTube channel’s homepage. If you observe carefully, you will notice that most of the famous YouTubers prefer simple background wallpaper. A neat custom banner image not only provides a satisfying experience to the viewers but also compliments the content. Don’t know how to create one?try following online tools to make amazing custom background wallpapers that bring life to your channel.

7. Keep the length of your YouTube videos short

Short Video: Image

Generally, viewers tend to lose interest if a video is extremely lengthy. Hence, try to make your YouTube videos as short as possible. It is recommended to keep the time factor in mind while recording the video. In fact, a recent survey suggests that videos having less than 2 mins duration are excellent performers. However, if you want, then you can experiment with relatively longer YouTube  videos once in a blue moon.

8. Create 360-Degree YouTube videos will improve your viewership

360 Degree Videos: Image

If you have not tried 360-degree videos yet, it is the perfect time to create one. The engagement and Return on Investment (ROI) for a 360-degree video is far better than its regular counterparts. Most importantly, it offers your channel a uniqueness that will eventually drive more traffic to your videos. You can buy or rent a Go-Pro Fusion in order to make some outstanding 360-degree videos., hence contribute to get more traffic to your YouTube Channel

9. Focus on Your Video Editing

Video Editing Tool Example: Image

If you are relatively new to YouTube, you might likely not own high-end camera hardware, which is absolutely ‘OK.’ However, you need to ensure still that the video you are recording is professional, clean, and well-lit. Take multiple recording, and keep the best version in the editing part.

You try following well known tools to edit your videos to make it look clear and attractive, hence help you to get crazy traffic to your Videos.

10. Create Playlists

YouTube Videos Playlist: Image

If you are creating content in different genres, it is advised to create separate playlists for each of them. It will help you to not only categorize your videos but also help the viewers navigate through your channel. An organized playlist also appeals to the desire of your viewers to binge-watch your videos.

11.  Upload Quality Content Videos at Regular Intervals

How Often to upload Video: Image

To drive more traffic, it is highly advised to upload content at regular intervals. You can follow a particular schedule to upload your YouTube videos, which will attract viewers back to your YouTube channel to watch more. However, this strategy may not work if you compromise on the quality of your YouTube  videos. Your content plays the most important role in the entire YouTube SEO process. Therefore, try to research as much as possible and bring something different to the table to enjoy long term success. This will surely help you to drive more traffic to your YouTube Videos

 12. Interact with your audience in the comments

Interact with Audience: Image

Comments are a boon for your YouTube channel and can lead to more views. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on the ‘Comments’ section. Remove some free time to read and respond to the comments of your viewers. If you wish to enhance the engagement rate, you can end your video with a question or ask people to share their opinions.

13.  Interact with other YouTubers

Other Youtubers: Image

Interaction with other YouTubers will improve your popularity and reach. Comment on the YouTube videos of other content creators and appreciate their work. Besides, if you have created a similar kind of video, try to attach its link in the comment as well skillfully.

14. Collaborate with a famous YouTuber

YouTube Image

Have you heard about influential marketing? No, it’s not exclusive only for Instagram. You can do it even on YouTube. To start with, you will have to find well-established and famous YouTubers in your niche, according to their views and engagement numbers. Once this is done, reach out to them and ask them to collaborate for a project which interests them. A video collab will help you boost your reach and enhance your subscriber base, hence will definitely drive more traffic to your YouTube Videos

 15. Consider doing live streaming

YouTube Live Streaming Image

These days, live streaming is extremely popular across all major social media platforms. YouTube also offers you the option of live streaming. It can help you communicate with your viewers directly and clarify their queries. If you have any big announcement to make to your viewers, consider doing it during a live stream.  

16. Focus more on the promotion part

YouTube Video Promotion: Image

Majority of the YouTubers make the mistake of ignoring intensive promotional work for their content. You need to realize that promotion carries the same importance as production. Therefore, promote your YouTube videos on all your social network, blog posts, and website. It is advised to create a separate blog post for each of your videos and consider emailing them to your subscribers. For instance, as many people enjoy watching videos on Twitter, you can take advantage of that by aggressively promoting your videos on the platform.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that most of the branding features on YouTube are completely free. So, take advantage of those as well. As a part of branding, you can consider uploading a custom background, banner, and layout. Besides, feature all your active social media accounts under the YouTube description section of all your YouTube videos. Similarly, list your channel on each of these social media handles as well.

17.  Include Call-to-Action

Call In Action: Image

It is important to convey a call-to-action to your viewers in order to expand your audience base on YouTube. You can ask the viewers to like and share the video, subscribe to your channel, or access any promotional link or your website link mentioned in the description. Besides, you can also ask the viewers to drop video suggestions for you under the ‘Comments’ section. This is an important tip to get more traffic to your YouTube Videos.

18. Get featured on YouTube homepage

Get featured on YouTube: Image

When we say ‘get featured on the YouTube homepage,’ we mean getting featured on the home screen of the signed-in users. There are two ways through which you can make your video appear on the homepage of people. First, make sure that you promote your new video within 48 hours of it going live. YouTube’s algorithm generally features videos that are new and popular. And when your new YouTube videos receives a lots of attention, the platform will feature it on its homepage happily. Second, increase your overall subscriber count on YouTube. It has been observed that YouTube’s homepage usually features videos from channels that you are already a subscriber of. Hence, the more YouTube subscribers your channel has, the more views you will receive on your Video from the YouTube homepage. one more factor that will help you get more traffic to your YouTube videos.

19. Don’t depend on YouTube notification completely

Social Media: Image

In most cases, it has been observed that YouTube notifications are quite inconsistent. Your subscribers may not always be notified as soon as you upload a new video on your channel. This, in turn, will result in you losing tens of thousands of potential views in the long term. Hence, to avoid such a loss, consider creating an account on the Telegram application, and ask your viewers to join you there to get instant notification about your YouTube videos.

20. Use Tubebuddy for Overall Growth of your Channel

TubeBuddy: Image

If you want to become a full-time YouTuber, it is highly recommended to consider Tubebuddy to get all-round support for growing your channel. Using the application, you can carry out the following five essential tasks:

  • Productivity
  • Video SEO
  • Bulk Processing
  • Promotion
  • Data and Research


The simple ways or tips mentioned above will help you plan a strategy that not only increases your YouTube footfall but also makes you a famous YouTuber over time. Keep researching and creating quality content, and one day, success will knock your door indeed.

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