Is it really exciting to verve for lonely destination trips? Well for some people it’s a dream come true. These travelers mostly strive to spend some crazy time with nature with bare minimum pack on the back, and yes, this is all they want. Sometimes it’s just a lonely isolated beach, a travelling through the dense jungle or a trekking on some isolated mountain; solely depends on the personal choice. The most imperative thing during this adventures time is obviously your personal safety and availability of the right gears, which enhances your safety, convenience and fun. So let’s talk about the Essential Travel Gadgets for Adventure Trip; should be in your bag pack when you are on adventurous trip to lonely destinations.

Multisport GPS Watch:

The multisport GPS Watch is on the top of the list in the list of Essential Travel Gadgets for Adventure Trip, for obvious reason, instead of shouting help!! Use your GPS watch and find out the way. Chances of losing your path are high when you are at lonely side of the earth and GPS watch is all you need to get into your whereabouts.

The most of the modern GPS watched has track-back feature that guides you to the original location you started (your base).Unlike other watches the Multisport watch is highly water resistant, so even in the wet conditions like rain, river rafting, you have reliable friend with you. Due to its robust and solid built you can use it in coarse situations like trekking, sea surfing.  Don’t worry about internet connection, GPS watches are directly connected with location satellites. So don’t forget to have Multisport GPS Watch in the shopping list.

Water Purifier Bottle:

Water is life!! there are heavy chances that we may run-out of purified water on the long journey we pursue during the trip., believe me you can not take single risk of drinking unpurified water, as it may ruin your entire trip due to related illness (due to virus, bacteria etc). There would be some unavoidable situations where you need to get the water from one of these sources and here the water bottle with purifies comes as lifesaver. You can easily fill available water in Water purifier bottles and carry along with you for further adventures journey. The Water purifier bottles comes equipped with replaceable filters. So don’t forget to pack it, hence this is one of the essential Travel Gadgets for Adventure Trip

Solar Charger:

Travelers who plan to sojourn isolated and deep inside nature; the Solar Charger is must for them because obviously you are not going to get your electricity supply in jungle or mountain. Staying away does not mean you are staying away from your electric gadgets, it is most important that your phone, Multisport GPS watch, Laptop are holding on. You definitely need have some special prearrangement you can rely on and does not need any kind of refuel.  Solar charges are easy to carry and yes, it can be used under any weather condition. This is the best way to keep your gadgets alive. So don’t forget to get it in your list of Essential Travel Gadgets for Adventure Trip

Weatherproof Phone Case:

You might be thinking now days the whole world has some sort of cover for their phone then why to spend extra bucks on buying weatherproof phone cover? Believe me almost every frequent traveler had this though and ended up regretting the decision. As you are planning for Adventure Trip it is essential that you keep your phone safe because that is the only mode you are connected with your relatives and internet, and I don’t think I need to explain the need of internet now days, even though you are on trip. The weatherproof phone cover comes with special material that covers your entire phone including your screen. The only downside is its bulky appearance. So go anywhere, any condition, your phone is safe with this gadget, but don’t lose it guys.

goTenna Mesh (Travel Gadget for Adventure Trip):

I think we all know how necessary it is to stay connected, but the kind of places we are discussing here may not always have cellular connection or internet, whats the way out? Don’t worry, I don’t know how but people have invented the device that keeps you connected even though there is no cellular connection. It is called goTenna Mesh, the robust small stylish internet stick which you can carry anywhere can connect to your cellphone using Bluetooth technology. By using goTenna Mesh you can send messages and share your location within 4 miles of area. Amazing, isn’t it. Now days the device is available with further upgrades and improvements in range. Don’t want to get lost, buy goTenna Mesh for your next trip.

Multipurpose Safety Knife:

You might be thinking hey why would I need a knife? , believe me the multi-purpose Safety knife is always proved useful tool when it comes to essential gadgets needed for adventures trips. You may need it for your safety, cutting things to make a way or mending your necessary things. Now a days the multi-function Safety knife comes with flash drive, isn’t it cool!!!


Headlamp: Image

Another essential travel gadget for Adventure Trip that you need to consider if you plan on moving around and adventuring at night is a headlamp. Well, it might seem like a huge investment, especially when already have a battery flashlight with you. But what if the flashlight dies when you are in a forest or trekking on some remote mountain? In such a case, having a headlamp on you will not only act as a backup but also help navigate your way. Just strap it on your head and continue moving ahead without missing a beat!

Small and Compact Camera:

Travel Camera: Image

If you love hiking and wish to click your travel adventures on foot, then I highly recommend you to try the DJI Osmo. This small and compact camera comes with an incredible stabilizer and allows each film seem clear and steady despite you running on rough rocky paths! Generally, you can acquire such kinds of video recordings using professional cameras or a heavy steadycam that cost a hefty amount. However, the DJI Osmo is exceptionally light, can be handled using one hand and is relatively cheap. To top it all, the DJI Osmo captures in 4k resolution quality!

Coffee Maker:

Coffee Maker: Image

‘All I really need is some coffee and adventure’- Do you need that too? Well, if you are also a coffee addict and travel junkie like me, then you should definitely consider an AeroPress Coffee Maker. This is one of the best travel gadgets for adventure trip that should be on your buying list before you head for an adventure trip to a lonely destination. It allows you to brew delicious coffee yourself, without having to carry something heavy or expensive. The gadget does not consume a lot of space in your backpack and hardly weighs anything.


E Reader

If you are a true readaholic and want to indulge in a little bit of reading after a long day full of adventure, then you should consider getting a Kindle Voyage. The gadget is built especially for travelers who love to read on the go and don’t like carrying bulky books around. This Kindle features a high resolution 300 ppi display for quality text and allows you to read even under bright sunlight or complete darkness. Besides, it’s remarkably thin design will enable you to hold it in one hand for extended reading sessions and also makes it backpack-friendly.

Bluetooth Headphones:

Headphone: Image

At times, there isn’t anything better than listening to your favorite track or relaxing to soothing beats. You no longer have to sacrifice on proper volume and sound quality anymore while traveling when you can bring the Sony Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. These are super lightweight and foldable headphones that make travel adventures much more fun. With their noise-canceling abilities, long-battery life, and amazing sound quality, you can listen to your most loved tracks at whichever location you are, even when you are offline!

Satellite Phone:

Satellite Phone: Image

Last on my list of essential travel gadgets for adventure trip for a solo trip is a Satellite Phone. It can prove to be an indispensable gadget or a life-saver in the event of an emergency or an accident. A satellite phone can be used if you are stuck at someplace with little or rather no network reception. It can also be helpful in case you have injured yourself with nobody to call for help around you. Though these phones are bigger and heavier than a usual smartphone, they are not that bad in terms of portability. If you are planning to go on a hiking spree alone or traveling far away from civilization, then you should indeed consider buying one.

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